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Mike Payne

Well allow me to introduce myself.  I'm the founder of Regal Photography, based in Rochford, Essex, UK.
My passion for photography started at a very young age, when i had a small 110 film camera.  It has continued over the years, culminating in the portfolio you are seeing on this site.

I enjoy many aspects of photography and I definitely embrace the digital age of photography.  It has enabled me to progress my skills enormously, as well as allowing me to achieve images that would have remained dreams not so may years ago.

I love how photography connects us to the environment and people around us.  By looking for that special composition we start to see the world around us very differently.

Photography is not a full time business for me, rather a passion.  But i'm always open to new ideas and willing to consider all types of photography assignments.  Feel free to contact me if you would like more information (click one of the contact icons below).

Tel: 01702 742002