Meet the Studio

Our new home is ready for creativity!

Having an industrial look, it takes on an alternative personality to a clinic white studio space. This makes it feel cosy and relaxed. A perfect place to discuss your wedding and see the sample products both on the walls and the album types and styles we offer.
With a small divided makeup / dressing area, you can change outfits and prepare for your portrait shoot in privacy. While we prepare the perfect backdrop and lighting setup. We can even pull up the sofa onto the set and provide that chic prop for you to sit back and look fabulous on.

The studio is also perfect for pet photography, being safe and secure.


Pet Portraits

At Regal Photography we understand that out pets are so much more that than just pets, they are family. So we also understand the importance or capturing great pet portraits, as they are family portraits. Irrespective of the pet, be they a dog, cat, rabbit, sake or who ever you choose to be part of your family. We can offer individual portraits or group family portraits. If you have a favourite toy, then bring it along to help make that portrait extra special and natural.

So don’t delay and let us capture your family / pet memories.